Video: Pelee Island Canada South’s Private Island Getaway Is An Undiscovered Gem

Pelee Island, Canada’s most Southerly inhabited location, boasts natural beauty offering a wide range of unforgetable experiences including birding, fine wines, beaches, biking, artifacts left behind by native people, history, culture, and charm.

Pelee Island, the largest Island in Lake Erie, is located in Ontario’s Windsor Essex region. The charm of this island has been kept relatively quiet but the secret is about to get out.

A new video showcasing the top points of interests on Pelee Island was launched by Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island (TWEPI) on June 16, 2015. This video has been developed through an effective partnership at the provincial and municipal levels.

“The video targets two major demographic profiles, “Nature Lovers”, who enjoy physical and outdoor activities, and “Connected Explorers”, who seek new experiences, adventures, and knowledge,” says Gordon Orr, CEO of Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island. “It will become a key tool in the regional tourism marketing portfolio with the intent of increasing visitation to Pelee Island.”

There are two versions being distributed. The 30-second teaser is distributed through strategic ONRoute Service Centres, various consumer shows, and on social media. The 6-minute long-form video is running on the two Pelee Island ferries, creating awareness and building excitement among visitors travelling to the Island. Both versions are also available on Youtube.

Knowing that the Island’s geography is one of its most unique features, videographers chose to use drone technology to inexpensively capture aerial shots that uncovered the natural tapestry of Pelee Island. Then, they followed a couple as they experienced the off-the-beaten-path charm of the Island life. From tasting fine wines and romantic walks on the beach to leisurely bike rides and browsing through eclectic artworks, the video tells a compelling story of the possibility and wonder of a visit to Pelee Island.

“This new video covers such a breadth of what makes Pelee Island unique and what we have to offer that it will potentially increase visitation and economic spending in our community. We anticipate that it will act as a lure to assist visitors in planning their stay while on our Island,” says Mayor Rick Masse, Township of Pelee.

The Island was inhabited by native people as far back as ten thousand years ago. Visitors to the Island can view artifacts (such as spear tips) that are still being discovered today. During the late eighteen hundreds European settlers came to the Island. Visitors can explore the Vin Villa winery site that began the Island’s world renowned wine making industry in 1866. The island’s wine industry flourished until the late nineteen hundreds before disappearing for almost half a century. In 1979 Pelee Island Winery was established and is the largest estate winery in Canada today. Wine lovers come to the Island just to experience the winery and it’s fine wines.

Of course there are more fun things to do including enjoying outdoor adventures such as biking, swimming, birding, kayaking, fishing, boating, nature watching, and diving (there are many ship wrecks in the area).

The Island is known as one of the world’s top birding hot spots for being at the confluence of two bird migration routes with over 255 bird species being documented.

The release and promotion of these new videos showcase all there is to do on Pelee Island and are expected to increase the area’s rising status as a premiere travel destination.

“Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation is pleased to work with Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island and Pelee Island tourism partners to promote Pelee Island as a premier travel destination in Ontario. Through this partnership we want to encourage tourists to experience all that Pelee Island has to offer including world class birding, stunning natural landscapes, Canada’s largest estate winery, beautiful beaches, cozy accommodations, and numerous other unique experiences; not to mention some of the best sunsets in the country,” says Jen Moore, Marketing Manager, Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation.

The Pelee Island videos “Pelee Island – Canada’s Best Kept Secret” (30-second teaser), “A Pelee Island Experience” (6-minute long-form video), and others featuring our region can be viewed on TWEPI’s Youtube channel (visitwindsoressex).