Walkerville Brewery Launches Indie Pale Ale

Walkerville Brewery Co-owner Chris Ryan Pouring Beer

Walkerville Brewery Co-owner Chris Ryan

Indie Pale Ale (IPA)!

Rejoice! An IPA has been summoned from the grains and tanks of Walkerville Brewery to quench the insatiable thirst of all Hopheads! This is no ordinary IPA. Our unfiltered Indie Pale Ale is loaded with grapefruit, orange peel and piney aromas from “several” kilos of American hops. The pronounced bitterness hits the palate first and is delicately balanced with copious quantities of specialty malts. This beer is a tribute to all independent musicians, artists, businesses, and free spirits alike. Be true to yourself !

6.3%ABV, 55 IBU

Indie Pale Ale Launch,Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 at Walkerville Brewery 6pm-9pm

Join Walkerville Brewery in celebrating the introduction of their much anticipated Indie Pale Ale. A leading beer style in the world of craft beers; it has been the style most requested for them to brew. So here it is…

On this night, they will introduce you to the liquid, the branding developed around it and more importantly, why it was brewed and who it was brewed for.

Jamie Greer will be introducing a music initiative developed around this brand, as well as providing music from the “decade of rage”, the 90’s.

Pizza by the slice or the whole pie can be purchased by Vesta Pizzeria. Come in and help Walkerville Brewery get the party started!