Scenes From Dinner: Tutti Mangia Food Truck 

Tutti Mangia Food Truck Brings Mouth-Watering Twisted Italian Cuisine To Windsor Essex

Food trucks have quickly become a huge hit in Windsor serving some amazing and creative roadside cuisine.  Tutti Mangia, which translates into “everybody eats”, offers food lovers some of the best bites to eat in the city. This food truck has gained a lot of attention in Windsor in just a short time because of their mouth-watering menu selection.

Tutti Mangia Arancini Tutti Mangia’s menu offers an Italian twist to comfort foods. The star of this Italian themed food truck is the irresistible arancini, a nickname which translates into “little oranges.” This flavourful and versatile Italian food favourite, commonly referred to as “rice balls”, received its nickname because it literally looks like a little orange.

Arancini is risotto shaped into balls, coated in bread crumbs, and deep fried.  Tutti Mangia’s arancini are stuffed with mozzarella cheese, smothered with homemade tomato sauce and garnished with parmesan cheese. The savoury selection of flavours includes peas, porchini and cremini mushroom, fresh basil and sun dried tomatoes, meat lover’s pizza with Italian sausage, salami, pepperoni , and seafood with shrimp, clams and scallops. The arancini are the most requested item on the menu.  Customers enjoy the combination of flavours and fresh melted mozzarella oozing from the middle.

Delivering an array of many classic Italian favourites, Tutti Mangia puts an unreal Italian twist on the classic poutine and mac and cheese.  Owner Sandi Bertram believes the mac and cheese “a la Cabonara” will be a hit this year.

Bertram’s son Kyle helped her come up with the idea for the food truck. Kyle purchased food from hot dog street vendors and thought a food truck could be successful in Windsor. He noticed people in the downtown area grabbing a quick bite from the street vendors rather than taking the time to sit and eat inside a restaurant. “I always wanted to own a restaurant and when the food truck craze hit, I realized this would be such a luxury, spanning different places and offering great, quality food around the city,” says Bertram.

“Rather than go to the drive-thru, why not have the food drive up to you?” she asks.

Truckin' Good Food Rally at Windsor's Sculpture ParkTutti Mangia will join a number of food trucks during this year’s Truckin’ Good Food Rally series. The Rally features multiple food trucks in one area with food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.  The first Truckin’ Good Food Rally, organized by WindsorEats, took place in September 2014 during the inaugural W.A.V.E.S festival  (Windsor’s Artists, Visions, Energies and Sculptures) held at Windsor Sculpture Park. The event was a huge hit and will make its return to Windsor Essex starting on May 31st at Windsor’s Riverfront Festival Plaza. The event is scheduled to take place several times through October 16, 2015, at different locations.

Be sure to get out to the Truckin’ Good Food Rally this season and sample Tutti Magia’s amazing selection of arancini and delight in the food trucks amazing twist on Italian cuisine.