How to Shop, Drink, and Eat on Ottawa Street and Save During Construction

Discount Savings Network VanOttawa Street business owners and Discount Savings Network team up to reward locals who ‘Shop. Drink. Eat on Ottawa Street.’ during construction.

Business owners on Ottawa Street led by Rockhead’s Dave Krndija have teamed up with Discount Savings Network in attempt to thwart the negative impact the construction projects are going to have on their businesses. Discount Savings Network is conducting an 8 person door to door marketing blitz on April 17th to entice locals to SHOP, DRINK and EAT on Ottawa Street.

At a glance it appears Ottawa Street commercial properties are sitting at a 35-40% vacancy rate. Many businesses that are still standing, have already seen a negative impact from the construction. Staples of the street like Freeds, will be fine. It is the daily cash flow dependent retail shops and restaurants that need the boost. Avanti Ristorante, Deb’s Diner, Rockhead Pub, Salon 1309 and Sweet T’s Soul Cookin’ are just some of the restaurants and shops that have joined the Discount Savings Network program in an attempt to boost their business. Discount Savings Network is donating 1000, 90 day savings cards (worth around $30,000) which local residents can use to save 10-20% off their entire purchase or meal.

About Discount Savings Network

Gone are the days of coupon clipping and cutting.

Gone are the clunky books that collect dust and sit on the fridge.

Thanks to the Discount Savings Network.

In May 2012, The Windsor Star featured an article which reported that over 22 Billion dollars is lost every year to cross-border shopping. A group of local Windsor business owners, thought that number was astounding. With Windsor being the busiest international crossing in North America, they figured a large chunk of that money must be being lost in their city. They also considered the fact that over 70% of people working in Windsor, Ontario work for, or own a small business when conceptualizing Discount Savings Network.

The network is made up of Cardholders. Card carrying members purchase a membership card that they use to save 10-50% on their purchases at over 280 (and growing daily) Windsor-Essex businesses. One of the greatest benefits of having a card is that at least 20% of the average card price goes directly to support local charities.

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