Brewin’ Bros  Beverage Co. Brings The Ultimate Cafe Experience To Windsor

One of Windsor’s newest coffee shops, Brewin’ Bros Beverage Company, offers a wide variety of tea, coffee, specialty drinks, desserts, soups, and sandwiches in a hip welcoming atmosphere suitable for all ages. Located at 3873 Walker Road, north of Division Road, in the same plaza as La Sila Bakery, this café opened in January of 2015.

Marius and Denisa Petean, co-owners of Brewin’ BrosMarius and Denisa Petean, co-owners of Brewin’ Bros,  are the hardworking husband and wife duo receiving rave reviews from each new customer who discovers this fantastic cafe.

“Our menu is huge! We wanted to have a variety of items available for our customers, from bubble teas to any kind of coffee. We cater to all ages. We even have sodas for our younger customers. We have something for everyone,”  says Denisa.

Specialty beverages like Bubble Tea, which is growing in popularity around the world, is offered in plenty of flavorful choices. The Iced Mocha is one of the café’s top sellers. The Iced Mocha is made with Brazilian coffee beans brewed to  perfection and frozen into ice coffee cubes. A shot of vanilla syrup mixed  with Norwegian Cocoa Powder and milk is poured over the coffee cubes. This  refreshing drink is topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. The presentation of each and every  beverage is suburb.

chocolate covered crossaints at Brewin BrosCoffee  beans used at the café are sourced from Windsor’s Colonial Coffee Roasters and Green Bus. Located in Lasalle, Green Bus supplies 100% organic, 100% fair trade coffee beans. ”Green Bus is really good, their beans are organic and taste really fresh,” says Denisa.

Brewin’ Bros recently began offering a soup and sandwich menu available from lunch to closing. Vegans and vegetarians will enjoy the vegan wraps filled with a red pepper hummus spread, kale, avocado, grated carrots and sprinkled with sesame seeds. A selection of wraps is available on the menu for meat lovers including a delicious turkey and Swiss melt. Sandwiches are served on gluten free bread baked fresh daily by neighbouring La Sila Bakery.

A wide variety of tasty pastries are brought in for customers from popular local bakeries like Shelby’s Sweet Shoppe, Blaks Bakery, and The Amazing Marshmallow Company. Customers can delight in a wide variety of choices from key lime tarts to éclairs and French macaroons. The café is also satisfying sweet tooth’s with their selection of cold crepes (there’s even a Nutella one).

Decor and tables inside Brewin Bros.Customers enjoy eating and sipping beverages while chatting with friends, family, and co-workers while relaxing in the welcoming comfy vibes in this cleverly decorated coffee shop. A large eye catching Eiffel tower, located in the center of the cafe, is the first thing that catches customers attention. The tower even lights up at night. The Eiffel tower was part of the decorations during a birthday party held at the café and the owners decided to keep it. A wide variety of pictures and paintings hang from the walls. Some feature big city scenes of places like New York City. “We wanted to bring a European  feel over to Canada,” says Denisa. ”Coffee shops are places to relax and enjoy yourself.  We wanted to make it an affordable and sophisticated place.” Another neat feature is several choices of books lined up on a small bookshelf in the café that customers can pick up and read. Students especially, will love that the cafe offers free WIFI.

Big City Scene on Painting Marius always wanted to be a business owner. He worked in marketing and performed buying and selling tasks for the International retail company, Costco. He enjoyed spending lunch breaks in  cafes and restaurants and thought he would like to open up one of his own. “I was at a Bubble Tea shop when I first thought of the idea for Brewin’ Bros. I thought I’d like to do something over and beyond.” Today he is excited to bring Brewin’ Bros to Windsor, “I love what I do. It is so worth it,”  says Marius. Since so many café and lounge business are downtown oriented the couple decided to bring the experience to another part of Windsor. “Brewin’ Bros gives you a place, along busy Walker Road, where you can just relax, sit down and enjoy some drinks and treats.”

Brewin' Bros Logo on wall inside the cafe.Denisa, a photographer since age 16, also operates Redeemed Photography which focuses mostly on weddings. “We are in our  first year of marriage with a first year business,” she laughs. “We are giving it our all and want to give Windsor the best spot for a nice cup of coffee.”  Most of the fantastic Brewin Bros photos found on their social media accounts are taken by Denisa.

This young couple proves that anything can be achieved with hard work and have successfully brought a fantastic new café experience to Windsor. If the unique café experience isn’t enough, Brewin’ Bros plan to offer more to their customers including a gelato bar and live music nights.