Essex County Wineries | A Taste of The Wineries of Lake Erie North Shore

Essex County Wineries

Essex County Wineries is a locally run website that promotes the fantastic wineries Windsor Essex County Ontario has to offer. They’re known for sampling wines paired with carefully selected meals and reviewing them on their website weekly. In addition to sharing their experiences tasting the great wine our area vineyards are producing you’ll find lots of great information for tourists and locals alike.

The website features a listing of Windsor Essex County restaurants that serve locally produced wine, places to stay, wine tours, winery events, a photo gallery, and fun things to do in the area.

This is a great resource for those interested in exploring the wines of Lake Erie North Shore.

Paticia Dinsmore, a wine writer, event planner, wine consultant, and Ontario Wine Society media representative says is…

“An all-in-one winery website showcasing the wineries of Essex County plus restaurant information, event listings and travel information. If you are planning a trip to Ontario’s western wineries, this is definitely a website you need to check out”

Essex County Wineries Official Website