Post Productions Announces Edele Winnie Women’s Monologue Competition for Windsor-Essex Actresses

Building on the success of the Windsor-Essex Playwriting Contest and doubling-down on its mission to collaborate with other theatre companies, Post Productions is proud to announce its newest annual event: The Edele Winnie Women’s Monologue Competition.

Windsor-based playwright Edele Winnie approached Post Productions about creating a contest to showcase her new monologues and give actresses more opportunities to show off the depth, breadth, and power of their talent. “We were immediately interested. Over the years we’ve become quite familiar with Edele Winnie’s work. She won the 2019 Windsor-Essex Playwriting Contest with Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands, which we produced in February 2020” says Post Productions managing director Michael K. Potter. “We’ve been eager to work with her again ever since. So when she approached us with a book of 100 monologues of dark, twisted whimsy and this competition idea, how could we say no?”

“There aren’t many good monologues for women,” Winnie explains. “I was looking for unusual, vibrant, challenging monologues that people hadn’t heard before. So I wrote a hundred.” Winnie’s new book, Big Mouth, available on Amazon, contains all 100 of those monologues.

The competition will take place over two nights – 4 and 5 March 2022 – in front of live audiences and a panel of five judges, all of them women representing different theatre companies: Moya McAlister (Arts Collective Theatre), Kristen Siapas (University Players), Shana Thibert (Revolution Youth Theatre), and Fay Lynn (Post Productions). Gold ($250), silver ($150), and bronze ($50) winners will be selected by combining judge and audience scores across both performances.

The process leading up to the live event is what most excites Post Productions – and Edele Winnie, who emphasises, “In the weeks leading up to the competition, the actresses get one-on-one coaching from local actors and directors”. Three coaches from different theatre companies – Joey Ouellette (Purple Theatre Company), Eric Branget (Tall Tale Theatre Co.), and Michael K. Potter (Post Productions) – will work closely with contestants to help them refine and hone their approaches before they take the stage for the live competition.

“The model we’re using for this competition combines so many of the things Post Productions cares about most: supporting, encouraging, and collaborating with local artists; providing opportunities for local artists to take centre stage and show people just how great they are; and working co-operatively with other theatre companies,” Potter enthuses. “When was the last time you saw six theatre companies join forces like this? Never. This is a first.”

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(Article submitted by Michael K Potter / Post Productions)

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