Singer Songwriter Max Marshall Returns to Online Streaming After 18 Month Hiatus

In late 2019, Max Marshall made the decision to leave social media behind. Now, he’s brought his Country ‘Finger-Style’ sound back for all to enjoy.

“I took myself off of all streaming platforms as a way of rejecting their mistreatment of the musicians they profit off of,” explains Max. Streaming royalties have been the subject of widespread criticism in recent years, with most platforms paying fractions of a cent per stream. On Spotify, where artists can expect to receive $0.004 per listen, it takes an average of 250 streams – the rough equivalent of 12.5 hours of music – to earn a dollar.

However, even with the controversy, Marshall says he understands the importance of streaming platforms in the music landscape, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, when audience attentions are away from shows and physical releases and towards live-streamed performances and digital releases instead.

“I love the idea of friends and fans having access to my material during their day-to-day.” said Marshall. In this digital re-launch, Marshall is eager to utilize streaming and social media to help people who are curious about his music. “It’s all about connectivity, and Soul City Music Co-op has given me the boost that I need to better understand how to connect with my fans.”

Max Marshall

Windsor, Ontario, native folk/country/blues/ragtime musician Max Marshall. Photo by Travis Latam.

In addition to rejoining Twitter (@_maxmarshall_) and creating a YouTube channel, Max will be re-releasing his 2017 album Songs From A Little Green House on all streaming services, as well as “Everything they know about you”, the first single off his upcoming album. Fans can expect more releases to be added throughout the year.

“While being on music streaming platforms is an important part of getting your music to more listeners, we also see the dire need to lobby for higher royalty payouts, and end the exploitation and poverty that’s devastating our artistic communities,” explains Mike Hargreaves, the founder of Soul City Music Co-op, the region’s first musician-owned music label which signed Max Marshall to its roster in March. The co-op aims to combat lost wages through unique release strategies, solidarity unionizing, participating in open dialogues about the toll of streaming on artists, and providing more financially meaningful ways for music listeners to support artists.

Max Marshall’s album Songs From A Little Green House and his 2021 single “Everything they know about you”, presented in partnership with Soul City Music Co-op, are available now on all streaming platforms and at

Max Marshall

Max Marshall performing during the Windsor Folk Music Society Showcase concert at Mackenzie Hall on Friday, January 4, 2019. Photo by Dan Boshart / Eyes On Windsor.

Zander Kelly

Article by Zander Kelly

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