Live, In-Person Theatre Returns to Windsor With Zany Crime Comedy Criminal Genius

(The cast of Post Productions presentation of Criminal Genius. From left Joey Ouellette as Philly, Rebecca S. Mickle as Amanda, Nikolas Prsa as Stevie, Michael K. Potter as Rolly and Fay Lynn as Shirley. Photo above by Anthony Sheardown Photography.)

It starts off simply: father-son crime duo Rolly (Michael K.Potter) and Stevie (Nikolas Prsa) are waiting anxiously in a seedy motel room. Things get complicated when motel manager Philly (Joey Ouellette) shows up, demanding they either pay up for another night or vacate the room. Things become even more complicated when their boss, local crime maven Shirley (Fay Lynn) arrives, demanding to know how and why Rolly and Stevie botched the simple arson job they were hired to complete. Once Amanda Castle (Rebecca S. Mickle) gets involved, the whole situation spirals hilariously out of control.

That’s the basic summary of Criminal Genius, by Canadian playwright George F. Walker, opening July 23 at The Shadowbox Theatre. To say any more would spoil the zany fun. As director and producer Michael K. Potter explains, “Fun is the driving force here, sheer enjoyment, the consequences of very different personalities clashing together – all of whom consider themselves geniuses, and none of whom are willing to take responsibility for . . . well, for anything”.

According to Potter, Criminal Genius was Post Productions’ first and only choice as Windsor-Essex’s first post-pandemic live, in-person, theatre event. “Right now, the most important thing for us is to reward audiences who’ve endured the collective trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic with a rollicking good time. Let’s share some belly laughs, let’s remember how much we enjoy experiencing stories unfold in a room all together with living actors onstage. We’ve all spent way too much time behind screens. It’s time to reclaim our shared humanity, the sort of artistic communion that live theatre does best. We’ll get back to heavy dramatic plays later.”

Criminal Genius, part of Walker’s Suburban Motel collection, premiered in New York City in May 1997. Since then, it has become a critical and audience favourite around the world.

Criminal Genius by George F. Walker, directed by Michael K. Potter, and produced by Fay Lynn, Nikolas Prsa, and Michael K. Potter, will be performed at The Shadowbox Theatre (103b – 1501 Howard Ave., Windsor, ON) July 23, 24, 29, 30, 31; August 5, 6, & 7. Doors open at 7:30 PM for an 8:00 show. Tickets $25, available online only at, where patrons can also review the venue’s Covid-19 health and safety policies. Presented in association with Windsor Feminist Theatre.

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