Bank Theatre Announces Christmas Concert Series to Support Local Performers

Despite theatre, music and all forms of live entertainment being one of the big casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic, the board of directors at The Bank Theatre in Leamington have been hard at work preparing to bring it all back once it is safe to do so. Despite their stage being dark with seats empty everywhere for the past nine months, The Bank Theatre will close out the year by bringing local performers to the stage as part of a holiday concert series being called “12 Days of Christmas ~ From Our House To Yours.”

The concert series will be hosted by The Bank Theatre President Corey Robertson. Of all the accomplishments Robertson and his board of directors have accomplished this year, he says, “I’m most proud of our team for pulling off a responsible, socially distanced string of musical performances for the Christmas season.”

Corey Robertson The Bank Theatre President

Corey Robertson, The Bank Theatre President, during filming of the 12 Days of Christmas concert series at The Bank Theatre. Photo source The Bank Theatre Facebook Page.

“The pandemic brought about the closure of venues, and it also took away the livelihood of performers This will be a long road for all, but we’re going to make it through and we also want to help the performers. Recognizing the financial impact COVID-19 has had on musicians, we’ve hired some of the 12 best artists from Leamington and Essex County to perform.”

“Of the 12 slated acts, some have performed on our stage and were there from the beginning of the vision of The Bank Theatre,” said Robertson. “Some have recently moved to the area and become part of The Bank Theatre musical family and a few are new to The Bank Theatre stage but are loved by fans in the area. We noticed and wanted them on our stage.”

The concert series features Christmas classics and newly penned compositions. It is filmed and pre-recorded by Gary Glass of Quantum Sound Productions.

The scheduled broadcast dates and featured performers are as follows:

Dec 12: The Fontaines
Dec 13: Justin Latam
Dec 14: Nicole Barron
Dec 15: Philip Scott Poli
Dec 16: Martha Renaud
Dec 17: Fresh Breath
Dec 18: Brad & Lynn Bailey
Dec 19: Mary & Richard
Dec 20: Bob Gabriele & Dan Woods
Dec 21: Francine Honey
Dec 22: Crissi Cochrane & Soul Brother Mike
Dec 23: Kari Lynn & Roger Hewett
Dec 24: Christmas Eve Reprise of favourite selections with host Corey Robertson and special guest Leamington Mayor Hilda Macdonald

“12 Days of Christmas ~ From Our House To Yours,” will run daily from Dec. 12 to 24 from 7:00 PM to 7:25 PM online on The Bank Theatre Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Facebook Page:
YouTube Channel:

Robertson also states, “during this unprecedented year, The Bank Theatre needs your help more than ever.” If you would like to make an online donation, purchase gift certificates, or sponsor a seat and have your or a loved one’s name engraved in it please visit

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