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(David Musyj, President & CEO, Windsor Regional Hospital. Photo above source Windsor Regional Hospital Facebook Page.)

The proposed Mega-Hospital is one of the most controversial and hotly debated issue in our community today. I don’t believe there is opposition against the hospital itself, as Hotel-Dieu opened in 1888 and the Met Campus in 1928, these buildings are very outdated and not nearly as accessible as a hospital needs to be.

The debate is on the location of the proposed Mega-Hospital and specifically the process taken to determine the location. The group called Citizens for an Accountable Mega-Hospital Planning Process or as Mayor Dilkens refers to them, the ‘loud minority’, have filed a legal appeal that will go to Provincial tribunal. Something all sides can agree on is that this is an incredibly important decision that will impact our community for generations to come.

One of the key players at the centre of this is Windsor Regional Hospital President & CEO, David Musyj. The Mega-Hospital will undoubtedly be part of Musyj legacy, but there is so much more to David’s story than just that. He is at the top of the Sunshine List as the highest paid Provincially funded employee in our region. He is responsible for the annual budget of over $500 million a year, which services over 400,000 residents through 3700 staff, 500 doctors and 900 volunteers inside of the 11th largest hospital in all of Ontario.

Given all of this, David Musyj is a consistent target in our community, but the former lawyer isn’t one to shy away from debate and I had zero intentions of debating with David, instead, I sat down with him and had a conversation. A conversation about him. I wanted to learn about his story and journey and help better understand his thought process and perspective, which is exactly what I did on this week’s episode of the Straight Outta Windsor Podcast.

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Article by Andy Sullivan

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