Historic Link to WWII No. 417 City of Windsor Squadron Surfaces at Breakfast With The Spitfires

Founder of Windsor Spitfires' Grandaughter Shirly McLellanBreakfast with The Spitfires was hosted by The Windsor Spitfires Foundation in September at the Canadian Historic Aircraft Association (CH2A) hangar at YQG Windsor International airport.

We volunteered under The Windsor Spitfires Foundation banner on this committee with an incredible group of volunteers. We would like to give a special thanks to the event manager Jeremy Renaud and Community Relations Officer / ICG Coordinator Nora Bertram-Romero for giving us the opportunity to take on the role of social media guru and promotional assistant for the event.

The foundation donated the total $11,500 net revenue raised to benefit the 2013 ICG being to be held in Windsor Essex in August.

Breakfast with Windsor Essex County’s Top Athletes

Amber Lefler Silver Medalist Firstly, guests were able to socialize over a hot breakfast served by Grill 55 with players from the 2012-2013 Windsor Spitfires, Olympic-Paralympic athletes, and notable local athletes. About 75% of Windsor Essex County’s top athletes were in attendance.

Pictured here is Amber Lefler, 2012 Daegu, Korea International Children’s Games silver medalist in the breast stroke.

Amber is a wonderful young lady and talented athlete. She was kind enough to let me hold her silver medal. It was very heavy. Amber was one of many Windsor Essex athletes that attended the event.

Windsor Essex “In Sport WE Are One” Social Media Legacy Program Goes Worldwide

Dr. Anne Snowdon Keynote Address Breakfast with the SpitfiresSecondly, Dr. Anne Snowdon – Chair of the International Centre for Health Innovation at the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario – delivered an amazing keynote address. She spoke about the first of its kind “In Sport WE are One” legacy program and its child passport program. Since liking, tweeting, and sharing is near and dear to our hearts, the child passport health program’s social networking aspect grabbed our attention. The passport health program is a social networking tool that children in the community will use to make good health choices in areas like eating, physical activities, and social relationships. The social networking tool, built to commemorate the Windsor Essex 2013 ICG, will be passed on to each country that hosts the event in the future. Windsor Essex can be proud to know we will be recognized worldwide by sharing this legacy program all around the world.

Windsor Spitfires Historic Link to WWII City of Windsor Squadron Surfaces

Family of Windsor Spitfires Founder Aldred Drennan (Shirly Mclellan) Thirdly, after lots of grueling research Jeremy Renaud was able to make a first time discovery. He linked the name of The Windsor Spitfires hockey team to the No. 417 “City of Windsor” Spitfire Squadron. The squadron’s legendary WWII campaigns in the Mediterranean are well documented in the history books of the Royal Canadian Air Force. In fact, the research led to Shirly Mclellan, granddaughter of Alred Drennan. Alred started the Windsor Spitfires and named them in honour of the No. 417. Shirly and her family were invited to the event. We were honoured to meet her, her husband, Alred’s great grandson, and his great great grandson. (Shirly is pictured at the opening of this post above)

Breakfast With The Spits Celebrated Culture and Sports Day in Canada

Fourthly, Breakfast with the Spitfires was nationally registered with Sports Day in Canada and Culture Days Canada. The event took place on the same day of those celebrations across Canada. Sports Day in Canada, presented by ParticipACTION, True Sport, and CBC Sports, is a celebration of sport and all the good things it does for families, communities and our national pride. Culture Days in Canada is a nationally organized volunteer movement to raise awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. The historic connection between the Spitfires team name and WWII squadron is what links this event to Canada Culture Days.

With all of the above in mind, the venue being held at the Canadian Historic Aircraft Association (CH2A) hangar bringing together the Windsor Spitfires, the heritage of their name, and a community of supportive top athletes from Windsor Essex together made perfect sense. Best of all The Windsor Spitfires Foundation was able to generate over $11,000 in proceeds to support the 2013 Windsor Essex International Children’s Games.

For more information read our post on the 2013 Windsor Essex International Children’s Games and the fun we’ve had along the way.