Ford City’s Soda Pop Bros Launches Seven New Flavours Just in Time For Summer

(Soda Pop Bros. owner Jeremy Kinsella shown with seven newly launched flavours of beverages available at his store in Windsor, Ontario’s Ford City. Photo above by Zander Kelly.)

Ford city’s own imported soda shop has seven new flavours for you to enjoy this summer!

Soda Pop Bros., owned and run by Jeremy Jeremy Kinsella, was started late in 2020 after Kinsley finished a career as a truck driver. During his drives across America and Canada, he came to love various flavours and brands of soda that you just can’t find in Windsor.

“I know soda like the back of my hand,” says Kinsella. “There’s more out there than Coke and Pepsi. Every state has its own soda and you want it back when you get home.”

“People flat-out don’t know most of these. Maybe ten percent.” said Kinsella.

The new flavors that have been added to his online and in-person store, which is located at 1009 Droulliard Avenue, are Shirley Temple, Butterscotch Beer, Black Cherry, Cherry Cola, Raspberry Ginger Ale, Maple Root Beer, and the Jeff Cannonball’s Bloody Orange, named for a prominent soda reviewer and wrestler.

Several Soda Pop Bros. Beverage Flavours

Several Soda Pop Bros. beverage flavours shown in a refrigerator located inside their store in Windsor, Ontario’s Ford City. Photo by Zander Kelly.

Kinsella’s own soda brand is made with 100% real cane sugar and triple-filtered water, and has flavour varieties chosen from his own childhood, such as Orange being McDonalds Orangeade, Grape as Newman’s Own and Cream Soda from Goodies Candy.

Before the company founding, Kinsella originally wanted to review sodas with a friend on YouTube, which grew into a service to deliver these out-of-country sodas, which eventually grew into a storefront.

Soda Pop Bros. is located at 1009 Drouillard Rd., Windsor, ON.
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