Canadian Club Brand Centre Grand Re-Opening | The 155 Year Legacy of Canadian Club Whiskey

Canadian Club Whiskey from Hiram Walker DistilleryThe Hiram Walker Legacy, famous for 155 years of Canadian Club Whisky, is showcased at The Canadian Club Brand Centre, located along side the Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery in Windsor, Ontario. On Wednesday May 1, 2013 Canadian Club Brand Centre will hold it’s grand re-opening featuring guided tours that take guests through turn-of-the-century Italian architecture, a formal whisky information session and tasting, film of whisky making process, and a visit to their Canadian art gallery with original works from the Group of Seven.

The influence of the Hiram Walker family can be seen around Windsor Essex to this day. For example, the Willistead Manor commissioned by Edward Chandler Walker, Hiram’s second son and St. Mary’s Church commissioned by Hiram Walker himself, both are famous landmarks in Windsor’s Old Walkerville neighborhood. In addition, Hiram Walker had a railroad built all the way from Windsor to Kingsville so that his employees could vacation at the Mettawas Hotel, again built by Walker. These are just some of the interesting facts surrounding the Hiram Walker legacy.

At the Canadian Club Brand Centre you’ll go back in history to the height of the Hiram Walker family’s success and his personal friendships with the biggest names in history – Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Guests are brought into the basement’s Speak Easy room where meetings were held with Al Capone and The Purple Gang. Visitors are told the story of how Canadian Club whisky quenched the thirst of many U.S. citizens for 13 long years during Prohibition from 1920-1933.

So get ready for May 1, 2013 for the grand re-opening of the Canadian Club Heritage Brand Centre.

For more information on tour dates and times call the Canadian Club Brand Centre at (519) 973-9503