You Gotta Eat Here! Features Rino’s Kitchen on Hit T.V. Show

You Gotta Eat Here! filming shows in Windsor Essex

John Catucci host of Hit T.V. Show, You Gotta Eat Here! filming in Kingsville at Jack’s Gastropub June 2013. Catucci is scheduled to return to Windsor Essex and film and episode at Rino’s Kitchen & Ale House in Downtown Windsor.

Food Network Canada’s hit television show, You Gotta Eat Here!, hosted by John Catucci will film an episode at Rino’s Kitchen & Ale House. The show is set to film January 7 & 8, 2014. Rino’s Kitchen will be closed to the public during these two days.

The news was first posted on Facebook by Anastasia Adam’s saying, “we have been given the go ahead to share our news today! Food Network’s, You Gotta Eat Here! will be filming at Rino’s Kitchen & Ale House in early January!”

Adams along with Chef Rino Bortolin operate Rino’s Kitchen & Ale House located in Downtown Windsor on Elliott Street inside a historic 100 year old house.

Bertolin is a strong supporter of eating locally grown and produced foods and his menu is a true reflection of this.

Rino’s Kitchen will join several other Windsor Essex restaurants to be featured on You Gotta Eat Here!

In fact, the You Gotta Eat Here film crew will also be filming at The Twisted Apron in Windsor’s Walkerville neighborhood the same week on January 9 & 10, 2013. The restaurant will be closed during filming.

John Catucci at Motorburger in Windsor with Eric BonniciBubi’s Awesome Eats and the Tunnel BBQ were featured during season 1. Then during season 2 both Motorburger and Smoke & Spice were featured. This past summer Catucci was in Kingsville filming an episode at Jack’s Gastropub during which time the Blackjack Gastrovan made it’s first public appearance. During that week the crew also filmed the St. Joachim Diner in St. Joachim.

In total 8 Windsor Essex restaurants have had episodes filmed for the hit T.V. show You Gotta Eat Here!