The Tasting Trolley is an exciting new culinary tour giving diners a unique way to experience the local restaurant scene in Windsor Essex. Instead of going out to dinner at one restaurant people can now enjoy a night (or day) out touring several of the areas’s finest dining establishments while having fun socializing and meeting new friends.

The Tasting Trolley tour transports people to three Windsor Essex restaurants where chefs prepare menu items and guests enjoy those culinary creations. In addition, guests will enjoy drink tastings served by representatives of a local winery, local brewery, or local distillery at each stop.

“Guests get tastings, they might have three small plates or they may have a buffet, it’s whatever that restaurant would like to showcase,” says event coordinator Teanna Lindsay. In addition, chefs, restaurant owners and beverage establishment representatives will talk about the food and beverage products. “People are going to have the opportunity to ask questions of the chefs, owners, (and beverage representatives) and they can really engage, interact, and learn about the restaurants,” adds Lindsay.

The tour is organized by Teanna Lindsay Events in partnership with Jeff Denomme of Papa D’s Hot Sauce.

Teanna Lindsay Events recently received national attention as the 2014 Star Award Winner for Best Festival in Canada while acting as the event coordinator of Woofstock in Toronto’s historic St. Lawrence Market neighborhood. Woofstock is the largest dog festival in North America that attracted over 250,000 people and 150,000 dogs.

In Windsor Teanna Lindsay Events is the principal event coordinator of the Carrousel of Nations. In addition, they organized several new unique events in the area including the Walkerville Night Market, and the inaugural Windsor Whiskey Festival scheduled for early 2015 (details to be released soon). Creating innovative fun events that people want to participate in is one of this event coordinator’s strengths.

“Following the success of the Walkerville Night Market we can see that there is a real demand for some unique fresh events in Windsor,” says Lindsay.

The Tasting Trolley adds an element of surprise by keeping restaurant locations secret from people on the tour. This helps people to discover new restaurants or rediscover one’s they’ve tried before. Lindsay explains, “somebody might say I’ve been to that restaurant before I don’t want to go back, that’s why we’re not telling them because they may have a new experience. There may be a new menu. There might be a new chef. They might not have been there for five years. We’re going to help reinvent the restaurant scene. We’ll have new ones (restaurants) and old ones so it’s a good balance.”

Organizers plan on making the Windsor Essex Tasting Trolley a regular event. Co-organizer Jeff Denome says, “Friday is the first ever Tasting Trolley culinary tour but we have planned to make this a regular event.” On the tour Denomme entertains guests acting as the bell ringing trolley conductor. In fact, Denomme’s enthusiasm encouraged riders to chant – “Trolley! Trolley! Trolley!” – as they traveled between restaurants during the first ever Tasting Trolley tour on November 14, 2014.

About 50 people boarded The Tasting Trolley for it’s maiden voyage to three of Windsor’s finest culinary gems. The first stop was Mezzo for great food served by Philip Rocca and his staff. In addition, guests enjoyed wonderful red and white wine tastings from Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery served by their president, Stephen Mitchell.

The bell rang and everyone boarded the trolley for a voyage to the new Bourbon Tap & Grill on Ottawa Street for more great eats and a surprise whiskey sampling of the newest Canadian Club product. Canadian Club representative Glenn Le Capelain discussed their newest brand Canadian Club 100% Rye. Guests even received free Canadian Club T-shirts.

Next up was Chanosos where guests enjoyed live music performed by Cal Cuffaro and sampled tasty food from both this restaurant and it’s sister eatery next door, South Detroit. At Chanosos guests enjoyed another tasting from Sprucewood Shores. The Warm & Cozy Mulled wine was a treat on a cool November night.

Guests mixed and mingled making new friends all along the way before heading back to Mezzo for dessert.

Four Tasting Trolley Tours have been planned thru December 12, 2014, each selling out fast. In fact, like the holiday themed December 12 tour featuring holiday eats and festive holiday cocktails, some of the planned tours will have a unique focus. Other tours will be geared towards certain groups of individuals or for private parties.

(Update: For Upcoming Tours Visit Our Tasting Trolley Event Page)

“We might do a seniors tour, an around the world tour, a hot and spicy tour where we visit restaurants serving a hot and spicy menu,” says Lindsay. She continues, “there is so much potential for things like birthday parties, retirement parties, engagement parties, corporate events, or Christmas parties. Anything you can imagine we can organize.”

The Windsor Essex Tasting Trolley culinary tour is a fresh, unique, exciting event that has re-invented how diners can now experience the local restaurant scene. To learn when new tours are announced visit The Tasting Trolley online.