Maple Syrup Festival 2016 in Photos

Essex Region Conservation Authority presented Essex County’s premier Maple Syrup Festival at John R. Park Homestead on Sunday, March 06, 2016.

March marks the start of a sweet-tasting spring tradition to celebrate Maple Syrup’s natural and cultural heritage in Windsor Essex.

During the Maple Syrup Festival guests made maple taffy in the snow, saw syrup being made the pioneer way, learned “the science of maple”, enjoyed live entertainment by Mike Houston and The Woodchoppers, a maple themed lunch menu from Blackjack Gastrovan and more!

Pure locally made organic maple syrup from Ruthven’s 3 Golden Acres was available for purchase.

Maple Syrup Festival 2016 in Photos

Dellah Bedal looks into maple syrup collection bucket.

Children carry maple syrup buckets like the pioneers did in years past.

Pioneers at John R. Park Homestead during Maple Syrup Festival.

Maple Beaver Paws served by Blackjack Gastrovan.

Young boy enjoys maple taffy.

Pioneer explains how maple sap to be used to make maple syrup is extracted from maple tree.

Local organic maple syrup from Essex County.

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Maple Syrup Festival 2016 at John R. Park Homestead Photo Gallery