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April’s picks for the ongoing Windsor International Film Festival’s 365 monthly showings might well be described as totally unrelated cinematically exposed urban conflict. Every second Thursday, of each month leading up to this year’s Festival, will have WIFF screening two films at downtown’s Capitol Theatre.

Thursday, the viscerally provocative “The Insult,” directed by Ziad Doueiri, a former Quentin Tarantino camera assistant, will be matched with the dark comedy “The Party,” directed by Sally Potter.

Key characters in The Insult, Lebanese Christian (Adel Karam) and Palestinian refugee (Kamel El Basha) shown in a scene from the movie.

Key characters in The Insult, Lebanese Christian (Adel Karam) and Palestinian refugee (Kamel El Basha) shown in a scene from the movie. Photo credit Cohen Media Group.

Set in Beirut, The Insult – which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at this year’s Oscars – follows the escalating conflict of a domestic drainpipe dispute as it sets off a sectarian battle between a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian Muslim refugee. The movie combines both adrenaline rushing street action with dramatic court proceedings.

Second on the bill, “The Party,” shot in black and white, follows a sequence of tragic events at a party in London. What starts innocently enough as a celebratory gathering of friends turns a corner and becomes a satiric black comedy of personality clashes and conflicts.

While The Insult moves among considerable locations, The Party stays put inside a single apartment. There protagonist Janet, an opposition member of Parliament, newly appointed to her party’s shadow Cabinet, hopes to celebrate her good fortune. But her friends, curiously quirky, commence to warring with each other.

Although The Party doesn’t have the unbridled action of The Insult its characters offer refined British repartee with characteristic perfect twists of humour.

The Party will screen at 3:45 and 8:00 pm with The Insult showing only once at 5:45 pm this Thursday during WIFF 365. Ticket prices for each movie are $14 for adults and $9 for students.

Tickets are available for purchase at www.windsorfilmfestival.com/tickets/ by credit card, or by cash at the door one hour prior to the first film.

Robert Tuomi
Article & Photo by Robert Tuomi

For over a decade, Robert has covered local news and community events. Initially as a contributor to CBC Radio’s local morning show and then as the long-time producer and host of CJAM’s The Rest of the News and as a journalist at the Windsor Square. A graduate of the Nikon School of Photography he enjoys illustrating his reports with what he sees through his camera’s lens.