Security ONE To Stream Eric Ethridge & Buck Twenty To Help Local Food Banks

Security ONE Alarm Systems has teamed up with Eric Ethridge and Buck Twenty to present an exciting Country Music performance streamed live this Friday (May 15) to help support the Windsor Essex Food Bank Association (WEFBA). During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and Self-Isolation and Social Distancing guidelines people in the community are struggling.

Security ONE Alarm Systems, recognizing the vulnerable position the pandemic is putting individuals and families in, have organized the fundraising livestream to help.

Corey Robertson, Manager of Community Partnerships at Security ONE, says that many fundraising efforts are, rightfully so, being directed towards frontline healthcare workers but there are other community members who are not getting as much attention. Specifically, Security ONE noticed the increase of those who now must turn to food banks and agencies they otherwise wouldn’t have had to for support. Robertson, the former Program Director at CHYR 96.7FM, tapped into his entertainment expertise and reached out to Eric Ethridge and Buck Twenty.

“Eric Etheridge is one of Country Music’s fastest rising stars,” says Robertson. “Both Eric and Buck Twenty were quick to say yes when we approached them with this idea.”

Buck Twenty Country Music Band

Harrow/Lasalle based country music band Buck Twenty , Aidan Johnson-Bujold (left) and Mike Ure (right), thrilled the crowd with a hometown performance when they headlined the entertainment on opening night of the Tecumseh Corn Festival on August 24, 2018.

Fronted by Windsor Essex natives, Mike Ure (Harrow) and Aidan Johnson-Bujold (Lasalle), Buck Twenty has gained a legion of followers over the years. They’re known for fun high energy performances from the moment they step on stage up until the final song of their shows. Interacting with their audience, they always have people up and dancing to their upbeat originals and covers. The band dropped their single, “All I Can Do”, last March, the first time they’ve released music in four years. “We love the support that we have gotten from ‘All I Can Do’ and can’t wait to get more music out to our fans,” says Mike Ure. Some unreleased tracks the band has been performing during shows this past year include, “Cut Me Off”, “Last Night’s Blue Jeans”, and “Drink To That.” Ure told Eyes On Windsor, “Those were three of the five songs that will be on the new upcoming EP. We don’t have a release date yet for the EP but we hope to release it very soon!” Currently, the band can be found streaming performances on their social media accounts.

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Eric Ethridge playing the guitar

Eric Ethridge playing the guitar at the sold out Chaps & Spurs Country Fest Kickoff Concert at the Essex Recreation Complex on March 2, 2019. Photo by Eric Bonnici / Eyes On Windsor.

Rising Canadian Country Music Star Eric Ethridge, a Sarnia native, spent years touring, mainly in Ontario, with several stops in Windsor Essex where he’s gained a loyal fanbase. Eric loves and appreciates his fans, interacting with them throughout his shows, usually taking lots of time to shake hands and give high fives from the stage. His ability to connect with and involve the audience makes his performances fun. In 2018, Eric quit his Chiropractor career to pursue Country Music full time. In 2019 he moved to Nashville and signed with the music company ole’s Red Dot label. After working on his new sound the past year and a half, Ethridge released his new EP “Forever with You”, this past April, which is made up of songs that are deeply personal to him, reflecting the stage in life he is currently in. Currently, he is streaming performances on social media with many of them in support of food banks.

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WEFBA President June Muir says the need in the community is growing. “We’ve seen the registration of first-time users grow tremendously since the start of COVID. We believe the long-term financial effects will be felt by families long after the economy opens back up.”

June Muir, President, Windsor Essex Food Bank Association

June Muir, President, Windsor Essex Food Bank Association at the Caesars Windsor Cares Community Kitchen inside the Unemployed Help Center in Windsor, Ontario, on December 10, 2019. Photo by Eric Bonnici / Eyes On Windsor.

Robertson says giving back to the community is in Security ONE’s DNA. “We’ve been in the community since 1978. We are so grateful to the communities we serve, and felt we had a responsibility to help out during these unprecedented times.” He adds that while the live stream is free, there will be a link viewers can click to make a donation. Funds will benefit the WEFBA and health foundations located in the areas Security ONE services (as far as London, ON). Robertson says, “the goal is to raise $20,000. Security ONE will match up to $10,000.”

Corey Robertson, Security One Alarm Systems

Corey Robertson, Manager of Community Partnerships at Security ONE Alarm Systems. Photo courtesy of Corey Robertson.

The live stream, hosted by Robertson, will be on Security ONE’s facebook page and YouTube channel Fri May 15 at 7:30pm.

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