Windsor Zombie Walk 2014 Resurrected by Zombie Pirate & Undead Crew

After seven successful successive years, Windsor Zombie Walk 2014 looked like it was dead when the founding organizer announced in late July that the event was cancelled. Disappointed by the announcement, friends and associates of Micheal Reeve, organizer of Windsor Zom-B-Con, encouraged him to plan Windsor Zombie Walk 2014. According to Reeve his friends said, “Micheal you know zombies so do this (zombie walk).” Reeve is also known as Captain Hindgrinder the cursed zombie pirate and mascot of Windsor Zom-B-Con. Windsor Zom-B-Con is an annual gathering of Windsor Essex residents who dress as zombies for fun and charity. Since Reeve “knows zombies” he recruited a team of like minded individuals to help him resurrect Windsor Zombie Walk 2014.

According to Reeve, “the City has come to know this event and it’s what they expect now after more than half a decade. It has become a tradition and it needs to happen. People really enjoy it. Kids enjoy it, families enjoy it, you goof off and you act like a zombie, its fun, especially with the horror subculture and advent of comic book shows happening these days. You even have people coming out as zombie variants of superheros like zombie Iron Man and Zombie Captain America, which is hilarious.”

Windsor Zombie Walk, the first zombie charity event in Windsor, was founded in 2006 by Jakub Witalec. Last year Witalec almost cancelled the 2013 walk. Days before the walk The City of Windsor warned Witalec he would be charged for emergency and police services required for the event because permits were not obtained from City Hall. Fortunately, the walk proceeded as planned. In fact, the City of Windsor assigned police services to oversee the event. The 2013 Windsor Zombie Walk ran smoothly despite a record turnout.

Micheal Reeve (Captain Hindgrindner) at Milk Coffee Bar in Downtown Windsor during interview for upcoming Windsor Zombie Walk 2014.The event looked doomed once more when Witalec announced he was not able to organize Windsor Zombie Walk 2014. Fortunately, new organizers consisting of Captain Hindgrinder and his undead crew arose from their sunken ship in the Detroit River to make sure this local Zombie Walk keeps the undead alive. The organizers include Micheal Reeve, Tim Bailey, Nicholas Vidal, George Des Rosiers, Sergio Mazzotta, Steve Joanis, and Sean Bardgett.

The organizers are planning “some choice changes,” says Reeve, “to this year’s event making it available to everyone including children and families.”

Reeve says, “the one thing missing was opening up zombie walk to a younger demographic where kids can have fun too. In my other event, Zom-B-Con, I’ve seen really creative costumes for the kids and they just enjoy and love it. One kid came as Zombie Iron Man with a stump repulsor arm and a cracked helmet. Another kid dressed as a zombie fish with scales all over his face. This can only come from the imagination of kids, so having more kids at Zombie Walk will add to the creativity of this year’s event for everyone.”

Changes include starting the event earlier. Zombie Walk festivities begin around 3pm at Dieppe Park on Saturday, October 18.

Cash donations will be collected to support the Windsor Youth Centre. Non-perishable food items to support The Downtown Mission will also be collected. In addition, Lori Lynn who volunteered at previous Windsor Zombie Walks suggested organizers encourage participants to register as organ donors online. Two notebook computers will be set up at the event for those wishing to become organ donors.

At 4pm announcements will take place.

Around dusk (5pm), the walk will begin at Riverside Drive proceeding along Ouellette Avenue to Wyandotte Street and back to Windsor’s Riverfront.

In addition, prizes will be awarded for the best costumes. During the walk organizers will be taking photos of the best dressed (most disgusting) zombies, cutest little zombies, and the best zombie survivors too.

“Each year more people are showing up dressed as survivors,” says Reeve, “people dressed in attack vests, camouflage, guns, and weapons. So there is a costume contest for the living too, not just the dead.” In fact, those dressed as Zombie Survivors will lead Windsor Zombie Walk 2014. Reeve explains, “everyone that is alive trying to survive the zombie apocalypse will be ahead of the undead during the walk. As the Zombies try to get them they’ll be able to have fun yelling things like ‘they’re coming to get us’. It will look like something out of a movie to people who are watching the walk go by.”

After the walk, winners of the costume contest will be announced and prizes will be awarded at Dieppe Park for Best Zombie, Best Survivor (individual or team), and Cutest Little Zombie (Children 10 years old and under).

Organizers have also made arrangements with Greek Town Pita and Shawarma located at 540 Ouellette Ave to give special rates (10% off) to anyone who makes a purchase the day of the walk.

Additional businesses are expected to participate in the special rates offer for zombies and will be announced at the walk and on the Windsor Zombie Walk 2014 Facebook Page.

The changes to Windsor Zombie Walk 2014 are a “Win, Win, for everyone,” says Reeve, “all ages and families can have fun, it helps out Windsor businesses, and local charities will benefit as well.”

City of Windsor permits, insurance, and sponsors have been secured ensuring Windsor Zombie Walk 2014 doesn’t die.

Windsor Zombie Walk is made possible thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and sponsors. Sponsors include Rogue’s Gallery Comics, and Zapzone Windsor Center. Poster design created and donated by Jordan Cabral Marchand.

100% of proceeds and non-perishable food donations will go to the Windsor Youth Centre and Downtown Windsor Mission.

To participate in Windsor Zombie Walk 2014 all you have to do is put on your best zombie or survivor costume and show up at the foot of Ouellette and Riverside Drive on October 18, 2014, betweem 3-7pm.

The walk will commence at 5pm. This is a free event but if you are able then please bring non-perishable food items or a cash donation.

Also, consider registering as an organ donor online right now or at Windsor Zombie Walk and help save lives.

To help as a volunteer for the event, become a sponsor, or Downtown businesses wishing to participate by offering special rates to the zombie walkers email or call 519-817-0120